Seeing is believing. And if there’s one thing we’ve seen over the years – intentionality matters. At JumpsSeat, our strong beliefs, hardened by decades of collective experience, intentionally underpin everything we advise, coach, and execute. Go ahead and see our beliefs for yourself.

Momentum is the unmistakable energy of a winning team. It gives everyone the confidence to push toward greater success. It’s born from high-performing individuals engaging in repetitious behaviors that generate consistent results. Momentum feeds on itself and propels everyone in its orbit to even greater heights. For revenue leaders, your number-one priority is creating momentum.

Robust processes are the underlying foundation of any excellent demand team. When you can consistently, predictably, and repeatedly execute, you can confidently hire, experiment, and scale your efforts.

Creativity is the X factor that changes the game altogether. A brilliant insight or big idea doesn’t just make a linear impact – it makes an exponential one. For some reasons unknown to us, creativity isn’t as celebrated in B2B as in B2C. But make no mistake; creativity is the X factor separating good from great.

Think about others the way you want to be thought of. Feel about others the way you want them to feel about you. And speak to others the way you want to be spoken to. Word gets around; when you treat your customers, prospects, vendors, and employees with the respect they deserve, others will hear about it. Show the love, and you’ll get it in return.
Resistance hardens resolve and makes both people and processes better. The turbulence in the journey pinpoints the constraints and hones in on the elements that aren’t working. When you develop a habit of leaning into the turbulence, you quickly level up yourself and everyone around you.

There are no silver bullets, no shortcuts, and no end-all, be-all hacks. The best sales representatives show up every day. The best marketers show up every day. Practicing the right things still makes perfect, and rigor is the only thing that drives consistent results.

The world is only getting more complex and more complicated. Boiling concepts down to their least common denominators and engaging in interactive training initiatives assist everyone in grasping and applying concepts quickly.

The secret to success in investing, sales, and marketing is the power of compounding efforts. The more you coordinate, orchestrate, and enable diverse marketing tactics, content types, and channels to build upon one another, the more successful a campaign will be in the short run – and your brand in the long run.
We’re hardwired to notice the negative and remain vigilant about what can go wrong. However, being equally mindful of what’s going right is essential. Celebrating wins builds confidence and bonds. It is the most important fuel for arduous journeys.
There are too many opportunities and challenges in this world to set timid and uninspiring goals. Fortune favors the bold, and to paraphrase Daniel Burnham, make no small plans, for they have no magic to stir our blood.